What Is CHS, RHS And SHS


What Is CHS, RHS And SHS

Steel hollow sections are commonly used in structural, building and mechanical areas. These hollow steel sections are known for their versatile performance in various industries. Steel hollow sections are generally available in 3 basic types:
Steel Hollow Section

CHS (Circular Hollow Section): These hollow sections are highly recommended for structural, mechanical and building areas. These CHS are enriched with excellent weldability with mechanical characteristics. These circular hollow sections are generally used for low temperature applications. These hollow sections are also known as round steel tubes. Circular hollow sections are highly malleable and durable, and it provides excellent resistance from various chemical procedures and physical reactions. 

Circular hollow sections are available in various shapes and sizes. It also has minimal chances of brittle fractures. This hollow section also delivers excellent tensile and yield strength with accurate drift expansion.

Circular Hollow Section

RHS (Rectangular Hollow Sections):  Rectangular hollow sections are the most popular and highly manufactured products. These rectangular hollow sections are highly used because of their flat surface, which provides great structural solutions at the most inexpensive joining and other types of production work. The rectangular hollow section needs minimum edge preparation before welding and other joining techniques. These rectangular hollow sections are commonly used on construction sites and other industries. These hollow sections are manufactured using high-quality grades and superior quality raw material.

Rectangular hollow sections are very lightweight with extreme strength. These rectangular hollow sections are available in various sizes, shapes and dimensions. This hollow section is also enriched with high tensile and yield strength; it also provides extreme resistance from corrosion, crevice corrosion and stress cracking

Rectangular Hollow Section

SHS ( Square hollow section): Square hollow sections act as an intermediary option between CHS and RHS. SHS also has similar properties as RHS. This section is enriched with extreme flexibility and durability, and it also showcases excellent stability and elasticity. The square hollow section does not need any preparation before welding. It is also used for construction, industrial and commercial usages. 

The square hollow section also has high rupture and creep strength. These sections are highly weldable, and they provide minimal chances of brittle fractures. These hollow sections are enriched with flat surfaces, giving the most economical joining and welding solutions.

Square Hollow Section

Applications: These hollow sections are generally being used in industries such as :

  • Oil and gas  
  • Chemical industries
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical industries
  • Defence 
  • Railways 

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