Specification ( RHS / SHS)
Closed Structural(RHS / SHS) manufactured by Ranflex Metals command several tech no-economic advantages over Conventional Structurals.
» The Raw material for these structurals comes from sail.
» The excellent distribution of the materials around the axis of Closed Structurals exhibit remarkable strength qualities and thus offer decisive advantages as regards to applications technology.
» Due to their high torsional rigidity and compressive strength, Closed Structurals behave more efficiently than Conventional Structurals
» Their higher strength to weight ratio results in upto 40% savings in steel.
» The smooth, uniform profile of these sections minimise corrosion and facilitate easy, at-site fabrication.
» Closed Structurals also enhance the aesthetic appeal of structures.

The Question of Internal Corrosion
» Internal corrosion can not occur in sealed RHS/ SHS as moistture is excluded and oxygen unreplenished
» Outer smooth profiles ensures no ttrap of dirt and water, thus reducing the chance of corrosion reaction.

Agricultural Implement Frames Large Span Portal frames Material Storage Racks
Amusement Park and playground Equipments
Automobile Chassis Pallets
Bridges Pedestrian Walkovers ( Footbridge)
Bus Stands Sign Supprting Structure
Onveyor Gantries, Trestles Cranes Space Frames
Drilling Rigs Sports Galleries
Exhibition Stalls Transmission Line Towers
Furnitures, Partition frames Trolleys
Flood Light Masts Truck and Bus Body Members
Guard rails, Staircases Trusses, Columns and Purlins
Iindustrial Lifting Equipment
Industrial Sheds